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I always print my photographs.

I have compiled scrapbooks, edited my high school yearbook and graced my home with family photos that have become family treasures. As we move further into the digital age photographs fill our computer hard drives, as well as our phones and tablets. These digital files are in many ways more fragile than prints.  They must be copied and stored in different locations to protect their viability with redundancy.  We aren't sure about the long term future of digital image files. they aren't a sure thing forever.  Technology changes so quickly that the mediums that we view these files on can become obsolete.  When was the last time you viewed a VCR tape? VCR technology was brand new when I was married in 1980, and that was just 37 years ago.  Yet VCRs are ancient history in the technology world.  It’s important to find the time and resources to print.  For the consumer printing makes sense for many reasons.  You have the ability to preserve priceless family moments for a lifetime.


My grandchildren's photos grace my bedroom wall.

My father and his parents. I scanned the original photo and printed this heirloom photograph.

There is something special about holding a printed photograph in your hand.  Always remember: “it isn’t if your hard drive is going to fail, it is when it is going to fail.”  

I believe that it is important to approach a client’s unique photography needs individually.  I look at photography differently from a chain studio that provides a service that will document your child at different stages of their lives based on current trends on Pinterest and Instagram.  Certainly there is a place for these kinds of photographs.  The more the merrier.  However, I want to capture the essence of who your child is at a certain age. 

Classic and traditional pose.

Brotherly bond.

This is a different approach and can certainly be considered an investment.  I will always ask my clients whither they are looking for fine art for their walls, a photo album or book, or digital files.  These choices all require a session that may require different lenses and certainly require different types of editing. My gear is professional and can cover all of your photography needs.

My fine art travel book: 72 Hours: A Winter Road Trip

I chronicled my 72 hour trip though some of my favorite destinations as well as new ones.

Texas Hill Country Bluebonnet

Sintra, Portugal

Obidos, Portugal

Sitio, Portugal

Travel and landscape photography is a fascinating discipline.  There is no better souvenir to bring home from a trip abroad than a photograph. Over the last three years I have been documenting my new home.  I live in the Texas hill country. As I prepare for the official launch of Faces-Places-Photography on July 1, 2017 I have been printing many of these wonderful photographs as big prints.  Each time I look at these wonderful pieces of art I am reminded of how lucky I am to live in this wonderful region of the country.  If you would like to discuss making prints for your family please contact me.  Ask yourself;  when is the last time you put a new photograph on the wall or in the pages of a memory book.  Plan to print.