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It's great to be back!  The whirlwind that has been my life over the past several months has kept me from regularly contributing to my blog, but my photography story needs to be documented and that has prompted me to start writing more regularly.

I have a new camera, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.  The touchscreen LCD screen is the feature that I enjoy most, but the weight and speed of the camera also contribute to its "awesomeness." There were 4.5 years between the release of the 5D Mark III and the 5D Mark IV and I am pleased that I waited for the release of the new model as opposed to purchasing the 5D III, as I was tempted to do many times.  I had to remind myself that "good things come to those who wait!"

According to Digital Camera Review the Canon Mark IV receives substantial upgrades with a higher-resolution sensor with Dual Pixel autofocus, 4K video capture, and upgraded AF system, a touchscreen, improved weather-sealing, built in Wi-Fi, an interval timer and GPS.

A short review of the camera:

When you have a new camera there are a few suggestions that will help you become familiar with it:

1.  Read the manual. I know in this day and age that there is a wealth of information available right at your fingertips.  Google, You Tube and photo classes are all wonderful, but nothing compares to a well rounded understanding of the hardware and software that makes your camera unique.  It also forces you to try each menu and button on the camera.

Lost Maples State Natural Area, Vanderpool, Texas

2. Practice with your camera in a non-stressful setting. Give yourself a day to play with the new features.  I have found that the only way to really learn photography is to go out and take pictures.  When you are shooting the subjects that you love you naturally will spend more time with details.  I truly enjoy travel and landscape photography. There is nothing better than taking a day off to spend time with my camera in the Texas Hill Country.



Lost Maples State Natural Area, Vanderpool, Texas

3) Print your photos.  I learn the most about my photographs when I print them.  I know that I might sound like a throwback to film days when negatives need to be printed to contact sheets for review.  However the system works. Technology moves forward but the old fashioned print on paper tells you so much about the photograph that you see on your computer.

Lost Maples State Natural Area, Vanderpool, Texas

When you have a question about traveling in the Texas Hill Country please don't hesitate to contact me.  Also, check out my Places gallery to many of the wonderful places to visit in the hill country.

Lost Maples State Natural Area, Vanderpool, Texas

Enjoy your fall travels!!!