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This weekend I attended the holiday tree lighting in New Braunfels, Texas with my husband and grandson. Santa Claus arrived and the beautiful downtown historical square was also illuminated in light and in the holiday spirit. This event is just one of many that is held by the New Braunfels Park and Recreation Department.

Christmas Tree Lighting | New Braunfels, Texas | November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to capture photos. The spirit of the season is infectious. It's a good time to capture family moments that you can frame for the wall or make an album or a book.

A great way to get into the spirt of the holidays is to get out and experience them.

The season of giving is upon us. This week we have Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Then there is Cyber Monday, Secret Santa, gift exchanges, and so many more opportunities to give meaningful gifts to the people that you love.  Shopping will take place all over the world during the next five weeks. Each year I say I'm going to be better prepared for gift giving. Sadly though the year flies by and I, like most of us, start shopping after Thanksgiving.

When you gather together with your family for Thanksgiving dinner consider taking a series of photos. These photos, when printed, will make some of the most wonderful gifts that you can give to loved ones, AND you can avoid getting up at 3am to be in line for gifts that often soon will be forgotten. One year someone in my family took a picture of my grandson and sent it to us on Thanksgiving. I can't remember who took it, but I have always loved this picture and it reminds me of my days as a brand new grandmother.


Get close to a face when you take portraits. Don't worry about cropping (zooming) in.

"Growing up, I would always document and record events that seemed meaningful. I shot hundreds of blurry pictures and recorded hours of news footage onto VHS tapes.  Over the years, I have collected drawers full of old newspapers, notes, videotapes, and photos."  Lexi Namer wrote this on her webpage Save Family Photos.  She asks the question, "Do you think family photos are an important tool in preserving history?" and then asks if social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are influencing the way we record our families? Think about the future.  Who knows if Facebook and Instagram will still be in existence? Will we be given the opportunity to take our photos down from the site before they go out of business? Will the resolution of those photos be enough to make usable prints? There is only one real way to make sure that our family history is recorded in print...and that is to print your photos and save them in multiple locations.  A print is a fabulous holiday gift!!

Fall 2014 | Mother and Son

Growing up happens so quickly.  A cloudy day is a great time to take a portrait.

If you need a photographer that will make photographs  that you can put into albums and put on the walls of your home contact me. I am committed to spending all the time you need to make sure that your family photos are preserved for future generations. Happy Thanksgiving!!