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Choosing a photo for a Christmas card, designing the card, writing a note and getting it into the hands of family and friends before Christmas can be a challenge. Traditional cards have changed over time, but the purpose of the cards, to connect with loved ones, remains a priority.

Sir Henry Cole, a prominent patron of the arts and education in England was perplexed about how to respond to the stacks of letters piling up on his desk.  In Victorian England it was considered impolite not to answer mail. Cole asked two friends to design and illustrate a card and then had 1000 copies made. The concept proved to be profitable and the Christmas card was born.

The production of Christmas cards was a profitable business for many stationary manufacturers during the 20th century with the design of the cards continually evolving with changing tastes and printing techniques. One of the most popular developments was the use of a photograph as a primary element for a Christmas card.

A photograph in front of a Christmas tree is popular choice.

Nick Kelsha renowned photographer and educator has presented many wonderful resources designed to help all photographers capture memorable holiday photos.  In Nick Kelsh's A Christmas Card and  25 Christmas Photo Tips photographers are treated to an appealing video and an informative e-book that will be very transformative to the way you approach your Christmas card choices and the way you document your holidays.

The Joy of the Season

The Magic of Santa Claus

Precious Faces

Years seem to fly by faster than normal in the digital age. There are so many photos taken of precious family members over the weeks and months of our lives. There are 27 days left until Christmas. If you need a photograph for your Christmas holiday contact me at Faces-Places-Photography and arrange for photographs and help designing a family card. Have a happy, healthy holiday season!