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New Braunfels Portrait Photography: Back to School

Back to school photos are traditional and enduring. As a photographer, as well as a mother and grandmother, nothing makes me happier than to document the special moments of a child's life. These photos will be like a road map of their childhood.

Take the time to document the school and year that lies ahead for the child in a set of photos.

These photos are so much more than just a snapshot of your child with the sign showing his or her grade in front of your home, or the school on the first day. They are a visual history. In reality the photos can be taken on the first day of school; or they can be a set of documentary photos that show the true personality of your child for a period of time. Childhood is fleeting and as we look back on the past seeing the transition from youngster to adult is a true gift.

It's a good idea to make sure to get a full length photograph.

In her article for The Washington Post, Jamie Davis Smith, a documentary photographer writes that she "tried to think broadly and capture all of the steps involved in going back to school, as well as how my children are feeling about the transition."

One of the photos, Ms. Davis recommends is taking a image of the first day of school outfit:

Get close and show the beautiful details of the your child's face.

Remember to think about your family and the traditions that are important to you, as well as your children. some children are excited about the first day of school outfit, while others are more excited to see friends that they haven't seen in many months. Sometimes the first day of school is not always happily anticipated.  sometimes school can be scary, or even dreaded. Be sure to document the good, bad and the ugly, as real life moments are especially treasured memories.

What!!  You haven't had pictures taken to celebrate the first day of school!  Make plans.

 Contact  Marcia Richardson about documenting your life in photographs. Make memories for a lifetime!

Picture Authentic Emotions | New Braunfels Portrait Photographer

The key to success is patience.  When taking photos of young children, and their families, more often than not the best photographs happen when you least expect them. I often find that at the beginning of a photo session that everyone is a little bit nervous and stiff.  This is understandable because in most cases everyone has just met.  It is worthwhile to spend just a few minutes getting to know one another and develop a rapport with the family.  This article was very helpful to me. It lists the many ways that you can make the experience better for both clients and the photographer.  The more relaxed that everyone is the better the session will go.  When you have a two year old involved in the session expectations must be adjusted.


Bubbles are a great prop! Unless the two year old feels like she needs to hold the bubbles!

After a small break we put the bubbles out of sight and we had happy smiles!!

After a small break we put the bubbles out of sight and we had happy smiles!!

If you find that one member of the family is struggling, give them a break.  Sometimes they just need to catch their breath and have a drink of water or a small snack.  I always have an assistant when I am taking photos of young children.  The assistant can handle snack and break time.  In the meantime I keep shooting.  Often I find that I capture my favorite photos from a photo session when I least expect it.


What a wonderful bond between brothers!  These are special relationships.

What a wonderful bond between brothers!  These are special relationships.

It is critical to be prepared for a photo shoot. 


1)   Know your photo venue

2)   Get to the venue early

3)   Have water and a snack.

4)   Know the family’s names and a little bit about hobbies

5)   Have a couple of props


As a photographer you can never be TOO well prepared.  Research and practice is critical and almost always pays big dividends.  This article is a great reminder of what a professional photographer must prepare for in the lead-time before a portrait session.

Family photographs are priceless memories for a lifetime.

Catch those wonderful moments at the end of the session.


Don’t throw away the outtakes of these types of sessions.  Often parents will find the outtakes very special.  Many times I love the “failed” photographs just as appealing as the posed and formal photos.  I love both classical and documentary photography and try to capture a mix of both in my portrait work.  Take a minute to learn about my background.  Please contact me to plan your next portrait session.  I will be prepared!