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New Braunfels Portrait Photography: Back to School

Back to school photos are traditional and enduring. As a photographer, as well as a mother and grandmother, nothing makes me happier than to document the special moments of a child's life. These photos will be like a road map of their childhood.

Take the time to document the school and year that lies ahead for the child in a set of photos.

These photos are so much more than just a snapshot of your child with the sign showing his or her grade in front of your home, or the school on the first day. They are a visual history. In reality the photos can be taken on the first day of school; or they can be a set of documentary photos that show the true personality of your child for a period of time. Childhood is fleeting and as we look back on the past seeing the transition from youngster to adult is a true gift.

It's a good idea to make sure to get a full length photograph.

In her article for The Washington Post, Jamie Davis Smith, a documentary photographer writes that she "tried to think broadly and capture all of the steps involved in going back to school, as well as how my children are feeling about the transition."

One of the photos, Ms. Davis recommends is taking a image of the first day of school outfit:

Get close and show the beautiful details of the your child's face.

Remember to think about your family and the traditions that are important to you, as well as your children. some children are excited about the first day of school outfit, while others are more excited to see friends that they haven't seen in many months. Sometimes the first day of school is not always happily anticipated.  sometimes school can be scary, or even dreaded. Be sure to document the good, bad and the ugly, as real life moments are especially treasured memories.

What!!  You haven't had pictures taken to celebrate the first day of school!  Make plans.

 Contact  Marcia Richardson about documenting your life in photographs. Make memories for a lifetime!

Fall is the Season for Family Photos | New Braunfels Family Photographer

Tis the season!!

This is the time of the year to plan photography. The fall brings cooler temperatures, family holiday gatherings and the anticipation of a new year. This is a great time to document the special relationships of your life.  Relationships are very important to me.  I love the time I spend with clients and want them to have the best photos of their family moments to treasure for a lifetime. 

By all means schedule a session with a professional photographer to capture the best images of your family. At Faces-Places-Photography I am dedicated to providing you with photographs that will be heirlooms for years to come.  I conduct pre and post photography session consultations, at which time we will be planning clothing choices, as well determining the type of images that you desire for your home. We deliver the photographs promptly and are committed to providing a package that you will love.  Our photographs are fully retouched and professionally printed.

When preparing for fall photos clothing choices are very important. The goal is to find a way for the clothing to be coordinated, but not matching.  I have found that staying within a color family can be a very helpful way to start.  That will narrow down the many choices by virtue of staying with a particular color family.  

Warm colors include shades of red, orange and yellow and variations of those colors.  The last gasp of summer, beautiful fall sunsets, campfires and smores.  The warm colors combined with neutrals can add depth to the color palette.

Warm colors with a colorful stripe work well for children's photos.


Cool colors include shades of green, blue and purple and variations on those colors. They are fall mornings and the promise of winter. Combining these colors with neutrals will also open up the possibilities for this color family.

Variations of aqua, and a small plaid tie the family photograph tie the family photograph together.

Within the color families you can begin to mix the palette to provide contrast and impact.  Care must be given to patterns, shades and tones to insure that the clothing works well as a complement to the photograph. 

Red, white and blue is a popular, and patriotic choice for many families.

Neutral clothing will focus the photograph on the families faces as well as on the surrounding environment.  In the event you have a big family neutral clothing is a great choice.

Beige, tan and black complement the primary color of blue in this family photo.

There are many sources to choose from to help decide on clothing choices that will be best for your family.  Be sure to take into account where you would like your photos to be hung in your home.  It is always great to make a "who, what, where and how," list to help to determine what to wear and where you would like your family photos made.  Erin Cobb does a wonderful job educating clients about what they should wear to their photo session.  Her photographs are a great example of using clothing to compliment the session.

Enjoy fall, and schedule a photo session!